Lil Boosie Accused For First-Degree Murder


Lil Boosie was accused on a first-degree murder charge by a grand jury Thursday (June 17), stemming from an incident in October that left one man dead.

Lil Boosie and his associates were indicted for multiple drug-possession charges as well.

Police records say Boosie and the two men fired shots into the home of Terry Boyd, then 35. The rapper allegedly was in possession of ecstasy, codeine and marijuana. All three men were charged with conspiracy for their part in the act, police say. A district attorney said the death penalty was not out of the question.

Currently, Boosie is in jail after a judge ordered him to prison for violating his probation. In November, the rapper was immediately taken into custody after authorities discovered Boosie was leaving his house during home confinement. Prior to his imprisonment, the rapper was facing jail time after he reached a plea deal on a previous drug rap.

Boosie told MTV News in October last year. “It’s just a minor setback for a major comeback. I was gonna take ’em to trial, but I’m not gonna take them to trial. They offered me a deal. In Louisiana, you can’t really win, bruh. So I’m gonna do my year, come back home, step it up even more. I leave on November 9.”

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