Killer Mike: No More With The Outkast, Now Boss Of His Own..

Killer Mike

Killer MikeLadies and ghetto-men, Killack Obama. “If you have a boss, and you don’t like your boss,” Killer Mike began, “fire your boss, and be a boss! If you don’t have an idea, lay down, develop a dream, wake up, have a vision, get to the money. Feed your immediate family; provide jobs in your community. Do something instead of doing nothing. I do not pledge my allegiance to dope. I do not pledge my allegiance to some funky job. I do not pledge my allegiance to waiting on the government to feed me. I pledge my allegiance to getting rich independently.

“You have people out there who work all their life and people who hustle all their life,” he continued. “If you take 50 percent of work and 50 percent of hustle and marry those things, you got something unstoppable. You got a hustler’s spirit, but you have the skill and determination to work a 9-to-5 every day. Or if you treat your hustle like a 9-to-5, you will never fall. ‘Grind’ means to get rich independently.”

Killer Mike is on his own now. Clearly, his days as Outkast‘s protege are long gone. All it took was one shelved album (Ghetto Extraordinary) and a physical altercation (in 2006).

“I don’t know why the album never came out,” he said of his would-be sophomore LP for Big Boi’s Purple Ribbon label. “I don’t know what happened between Purple Ribbon and Sony. I just know around that time, I got tired of sitting on the shelf. I got up, dusted myself off and got right back in action. I think it’s tough for a lot of artists not to be complacent. It’s easy to be complacent when you’re eating, but when you’re starving, it’s not hard to get motivated. I got to the point where nobody around there was eating. I had to go somewhere and eat.”

Mike is not only cooking his own meals now, but he’s taking the orders and serving up the plates with his Grind Time Official records, an independent label with distribution through SMC/Fontana.

“Doing this has made me a lot more sympathetic to what Big Boi was going through,” he said of running the show as a CEO and artist. “It can be suffocating, overwhelming. You have to find a certain peace within yourself and dedicate a part of yourself to the music and the business. My goal is not to run my company. My goal is to be an artist that does great things with my company and set a certain vision for my company. But I want somebody that’s qualified to run my company to run my company. That’s just a wise move.”

After this LP, Killer Mike said to expect the third in his Pledge series soon, followed by an album he has been working on under the tutelage of No I.D., DJ Toomp, L-Rock and record executive Kyambo “Hip-Hop” Joshua.

Source: Mixtape M.

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