Killer Mike Claims 50 Cent Jacked His Beat


Killer Mike accuses 50 Cent for jacking his beat produced by Tha Bizness.

During his performance in Atlanta at the Center Stage on March 16th, Killer Mike claimed that 50 Cent had stolen a beat from him.

Mike stopped the music before his track “Pressure” and cleared his fans’ mind of doubt:

“In case you motherf—ers didn’t know, and you get to talkin’ about ‘He used 50 beat,’ no the f— I didn’t,” said the rapper. “50 heard my s— and said, ‘That’s dope. I wanna use it, too.’ So disrespectful. Let’s go!”

On 50 Cent’s 2009 album “Before I Self Destruct”, the track “So Disrespectful” makes use of the same beat of Killer Mike’s “Pressure”, also produced by Tha Bizness, but came out nearly two years before!

Compare the beats below:

Talking of concept Killer Mike wins, but 50’s track is HOT!!!

Well, That’s a serious charge, but in any case TIME will show who jacked who!

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