Kendrick Lamar Gets Advice From Eminem

Kendrick Lamar Speaks On Lil Wayne’s Influence On His Style

Kendrick Lamar told MTV News that he met with rap giant, Eminem in Detroit earlier this month with the crew Black Hippy. He said that he got some beneficial  advice  from Em.

“Eminem gave me the game on how to stay as creative as possible,” Kendrick Lamar says during an interview with MTV News. “Always stay true to the craft, really. Everybody knows Eminem’s penmanship is insane, so I think, for the most part, he focused on that as much as possible. That was the game that he was giving me and my crew.  Always stay focused on the craft and not indulge in all the other crazy stuff that comes around.”

Kendrick Lamar said that we was glad to meet Em and talk with him.

“I bumped heads with Eminem [in the past], but it was very brief,” Kendrick Lamar says. “That was my first time really chopping it up with him, getting to ask all the questions I wanted to ask him.”

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