Kendrick Lamar’s Appreciation For 2Pac’s Vulnerability On “Dear Mama”

Kendrick Lamar Expresses Appreciation For 2Pac’s Vulnerability On “Dear Mama”

Compton rapper, Kendrick Lamar has given us the artist that have inspired him over the years, throughout his career and the name that keeps topping that list is no other than late rapper, Tupac Shakur.

Kendrick spoke with Rhapsody on his On The Record segment about how Tupac and his album Me Against The World record “ Dear Mama” influenced him.

“The record I’m gonna talk about today is ‘Dear Mama’ by Tupac. The reason why this record inspired me, me being an artist today I can really go back and appreciate the value of vulnerability and being able to express yourself and not being scared to express yourself,” Kendrick revealed. “Tupac was one of them people that did that. Letting people into his world, talking about his mother, saying even though she was a crack fiend she was always a black queen in his eyes. And that’s something that I learned to appreciate in my music.”

In relation to speaking about the role “Dear Mama” has played with his own music, the rapper spoke on how it affected his personal relationship with his own mother.

“Being that real and being able to talk about things like that. And even appreciate my mother that much more,” said Kendrick in a video posted on “My mother’s a beautiful person. She made some mistakes in her life, but that never changed the way I looked at her. [Never] changed the fact that she gave me birth and bringing me into this world. Me looking back at that I salute Tupac.”

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