Katt Williams: Teams Up With Snoop Dogg, E-40, MC Lyte For A Debut Rap Album..

Katt Williams: Teams Up With Snoop Dogg, E-40, MC Lyte For A Debut Rap Album..

Katt WilliamsBobby Shaw, Money Mike and A Pimp Named Slickback, Katt Williams is the ultimate character. He’s made us laugh onscreen and onstage during his three straight years of touring. His latest outing has a title to mirror his debut rap album, It’s Pimpin’, Pimpin’. Yes, a rap album. We’ve heard him talk about it for years, and quite frankly, some people thought he was joking. But nah, the homie from Ohio was dead serious. Cam’ron even inducted him into the Dipset.

While Katt’s LP is coming out on his own label, he still sports the Dip chain and insists he and Killa are doing business ventures outside of music. So does Katt have as many powerful punch lines as a rapper as he does as a standup king? He says he has swagger and lyrics.

“They should look for all of those things,” he promised. “And please feel free to tell me if they find it. I was in a wonderful position when recording, just ’cause I didn’t have anything that I had to live up to. I didn’t already have a preconceived thing that I had to go for or a way that I had to present myself. You know most artists have to be in a very narrow field coming in. And I was able to do whatever that I wanted to do. I did a Prince cover, I did a heavy-metal song, I did rap … I had fun. At a certain point, all music can’t be about everybody getting shot. There’d have to be something else. So, you know, we brought a little of the something else.”

Joints to check: “Mind Right” (featuring Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne). “For me, I’m a little more invested in it than him,” Williams said of his close relationship with Snoop. “I bought his first album, and then I bought every album after that. It’s not a Snoop verse that I haven’t heard. So before I even met him, I was already quoting everything he had ever said. So for me to be able to go from that point and then meet Snoop and then find out this dude, not only is he one of the great rappers, like, he’s funny too. Anytime real people get together, generally real things happen, and that’s exactly how it was with Snoop.”

That’s What Girls Are Made For” (featuring E-40 and MC Lyte). “40 is so cool that it’s not even like an act; it’s not a put-on,” Williams said about E-40’s larger-than-life demeanor. “Like, this dude, this dude is the coolest dude ever.  He told me I could rap. All I had to do was just be me, and the rest of it would work out. So to be able to then come back and work with him was amazing. Nothing feels like the Bay Area, I don’t care where you go.”

Source: MTV

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