Kanye West’s Project Continues Gaining Praise

Kanye West – White Dress (Alternate Version)

Hip-hop star Kanye West’s new untitled solo project continues to gain praise as G.O.O.D Music affiliate Travis Scott is the newest to co-sign the elusive rapper’s long-awaited studio LP.

While Scott was cautious with his words, he made sure to let everyone know Mr. West has exceeded merely experimenting on the new album.

While most of us only have barely audible YouTube clips from Mohawke’s set to go off of, G.O.O.D. Music affiliate Travi$ Scott heard ‘Ye’s new tunes during a recent trip to Paris and suggests that we may not be ready for what’s coming. “That sh– is like some next-level 3000,” he told MTV News, suggesting that West is ahead of his time with his new music. “We’re already in the year 3000 f—ing with that sh– and that’s why I love hanging out with those guys over there. You get caught on to that new sh– extra fast.” (MTV)

During the weekend, new Kanye tunes were premiered by G.O.O.D Music affiliate Hudson Mohawke during a live show.

During Hudson Mohawke’s set at Poland’s Free Form Festival last night, the Scottish producer and G.O.O.D. Music signee dropped two new Kanye West cuts, one of which segued into TNGHT’s “Goooo”. (HudMo also played unreleased Kanye material in his set at Dublin’s Twisted Pepper last week, he tweeted, though there’s no video.) No word yet if these two tracks will appear on Yeezy’s upcoming sixth solo album (which may feature Daft Punk and Skrillex, and be released on June 18), but they’re significantly clearer than the Vine posts of new material debuted at last week’s Met Ball, so much so that it’s possible to pick out some probably soon-to-be-classic lines: “There’s leaders and there’s followers but I’d rather be a d*ck than a swallower.” (Pitchfork)

Last month, Hot 97 radio personality Peter Rosenberg stated tha Ye had worked out the finishing touches on his upcoming LP.

“I just heard that Def Jam had a listening last week and everyone at the label listened tothe album and loved it,” Rosenberg revealed during his morning show broadcast. “I heard it’s dark but really good. Yeah, [it’s dark and gritty]. I was told it’s dark. [2010’s My Beautiful] Dark Twisted Fantasy was dark too, I love when Kanye goes to that place.” (Hot 97)

A few months ago, G.O.O.D Music affiliate Malik Yusef shared some details behind the mystery LP.

He’s not the only act to firm up recording plans with West to reporters at the Awards. Longtime collaborator Malik Yusef was also on hand, and he ended up describing his efforts with West akin to “work camps,” saying recording can be “tortuous.”

“He is a perfectionist, obviously. It’s harsh,” he said, noting that whether they’re in Paris or Hawaii, it’s a labor. “[West] says no to a hundred things.” As to the specifics of sound and scope, Yusef said “I can’t talk too much about it. Just remember black music, the black experience. It’s a throwback to that era,” he said, but “a distillation of what’s happening in the modern world.” What it won’t have is a lot of West singing, or at least not as much singing as he did on 2008’s “808s & Heartbreak.” “I don’t know if we’d ever revisit that amount of singing,” Yusef said. (HitFix)

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