Kanye West “Yeezus” Album Leak, Def Jam On Manhunt

Kanye West4

On Friday it was reported that Kanye’s sixth studio album leaked out to the public. Def Jam is now on a huge manhunt to find out who is responsible for it.

As stated from TMZ, “Kanye West’s record label Def Jam is on MAJOR damage control right now — after the rapper’s new “Yeezus” album leaked online today — but here’s a shocker … we’ve learned Kanye’s completely unfazed that his album dropped early.

Sources close to Def Jam tell TMZ, leaks like this aren’t uncommon — especially in the digital age — in fact, the record company has a special leaks division that deals with problems just like this. “Yeezus” was scheduled to drop June 18, but the entire album surfaced on the web earlier yesterday.”(TMZ)

Reports state that Def Jam already has one lead and the leaks division is using various methods to track down the source of the leak as well as to put an end to any further illicit file sharing.

Though “Yeezus” is not set to officially hit stores until Tuesday June 16th, media analysts are beginning to foretell a big opening week for the album.

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