Kanye West Wins “Stronger” Copyright Lawsuit Case


Last week, Kanye West has been accorded the paternity of his (now we can say that!) hit single “Stronger” from the album GRADUATION by Illinois Judge Virginia Kendall.

The copyright infringement case against West began in June 2010, when the songwriter and producer Vincent Peters denounced the rapper.

According to Peters’ lawyers he gave the track to John Monopoli, a business associate of Kanye West, in 2006, then Monopoli passed that version to Kanye. But after a careful survey the Judge ruled that “the songs are not substantially similar” and dismissed songwriter and producer Vincent Peters’ case.

So Kanye wins again, yes again, just like in 2006 when a little-known group “I.O.F.” had claimed Ludacris and Kanye West breached copyright laws by stealing lyrics and style from their song “Straight Like That,” using it for the pair’s 2003 hit single “Stand Up.”

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