Kanye West: Tells Beanie Sigel, “I’m Not Gangster And I’m Not Gay, So Dont Disrespect Me”..

Kanye West

Last week, Smack DVD announced a 13th edition coming out in September by leaking a Kanye Westsnippet of an interview with Kanye West. In the clip, West said he interpreted Beanie Sigel calling him gay as a sign of disrespect, but that he wasn’t going to beef with Sig. “I’m not gangster, but I’m not gay either,” West said. “Don’t disrespect me.”

Sigel said there’s no real bad blood between him and West that he knows of, especially since he was recently asked by the Roc to get on a remix of ‘Ye’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.”

“I don’t really dwell on that sh–, man,” Beanie said of the possible friction. “He called me for songs, so I guess there are no problems. For the record, Beanie said he would be willing to do the remix but wasn’t sure of the status because a remix of “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” featuring Young Jeezy is already out. Beans did say he’s been waiting to work with Kanye on his upcoming The Solution LP, to no avail.

“I been trying to get beats from that n—a since before I went to jail,” he explained. Well, there’s still time. Beans is currently recording while he locks down the right promotion scheme for the record with his label. The Broad Street Bully has already collaborated with Cool & Dre, Scarface, R. Kelly and Raheem DeVaughn, and has his sights set on a major posse cut with Eminem and Kid Rock called “Rock Out With Your Co– Out.”

Jay-Z was on a vacation,” Sigel said about getting the collabo off the ground. “That’s what I needed him for. I need him to get those features done. He’s got the relationship to make that sh– happen.”

Look for Sigel’s mixtape The Halfway House soon.

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