Jim Jones: Blesses Kid Cudi’s Underground Hit “Day N Nite”, Giving The Record Big Exposure..



Jim Jones definitely blessed Kid Cudi‘s underground hit “Day ‘n’ Nite,” giving the record exposure it hadn’t gotten in the year and a half since Kid first released it.

While Cudi is thankful to Capo for unofficially remixing it, he is a little salty that his song didn’t start to pop until a known artist rapped on it. Give an up-and-comer a shot, would ya?

“Jim jumping on it opened up a lot of people’s eyes to it, like, ‘Oh, word, this kinda is a dope record,’ ” Cudi said. “It’s kinda wack that somebody established with a big name has to jump on your record before mutha****as start to feel it. That’s my problem with the game. I think that’s the lamest part of the game, of the industry.”

If you think Cudi is going to capitalize with a remix of the remix, you’re wrong. He declined. He’s focusing on new material with Kanye West. ‘Ye signed him about a month ago.

“I just established a whole G.O.O.D. Music situation,” Kid explained. “Kanye reached out, and my manger, Plain Pat, works with him on the A&R tip. He’s always been a fan of my records, I guess. He liked the joints, and it just made sense. It came together. The fact he supports what I do and he sat there and listened to my vision and he got it, that was the dopest moment for me.”

And, oh, what a vision it is. The homie from Ohio has planetary hopes.

“Man on the Moon: The Guardians,” he said, revealing his album title. “It’s about my rise, my birth until now, present day. Me growing up, not knowing that this would be my destiny. All my hardships growing up and kinda becoming one with myself. Finding inner peace, being comfortable in my own skin, becoming an individual. And coming from the moon, which would be my own little world, it starts off from there and goes to a whole ‘nother level.

“To my birth up to present day,” he reiterated about the LP’s timeline. “My guardians, all my features on my album, don’t play themselves. They play characters in my story. Each feature plays an angel. They play a certain part of my personality as a guardian angel. It’s all story format, and it’s gonna be dope to see ‘Kid Cudi features……’ They can get into a character and vibe out.”

Besides Kanye, Cudi wants to work with Ryan Leslie, Organized Noise, Will.I.Am, 88 Keys, the Alchemist, Emile and Dr. Genius, who produced “Day ‘n’ Nite.”

The album isn’t due until the spring, but until then, Cudi would love for you to give his record — the version with or without Mr. Jones some play.

“I was worried about how people would view the original version of ‘Day ‘n’ Nite.’ It was my first song out to the public that we were pushing. As an MC, I wanted people to know I’m a rapper, not a singer. Then I was like, ‘F*** it.’ Nowadays, artists think too much instead of doing records with pure feelings.”

Source: MTV

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