Jeezy Gives Details On What “Seen It All” Is All About

young jeezy2

Rapper Jeezy revealed some details about his fifth album “Seen It All” in an exclusive interview.

“My fifth album is entitled Seen It All because I feel like I’ve been through a lot and I’ve seen a lot, and I’m still standing here and I’m still standing tall,” the rapper told Atlanta’s V-103. “That’s what it is, man.”

The rapper explained why he has not been verbal about the more controversial moments in his life but says on this album and moving forward things will be different.

“A lot of y’all know when I came in the game, I pretty much came in the game with my hands behind my back. ‘Cause a lot of the shit I’d a like to talk about or could’ve talked about probably would have got me in a lot of trouble,” Jeezy said. “This is probably my first album where I can explain and let niggas know where I stand. In layman’s terms, the statute of limitations is over with.”

Seen It All is expected to drop in September.

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