Jay-Z’s Rocawear Being Sued For Nearly Half A Million


Jay-Z is known and respected for his numerous business deals and projects, but his Rocawear clothing company is taking a hit and being sued for not paying its bills.

According to the New York Post, the line reportedly owes whole sale company iSource NYC about half a million dollars for clothing and garments made in Pakistan and shipped to New York back in 2012. This is all stated in the lawsuit filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court, as per the Post.

The suit states that the products shipped to New York were “were specially ordered goods…[with] the ‘Rocawear’ brand name imprinted on [them],” according to the suit. “Defendant never returned the ROC goods to iSource.” According to the Post’s article, Rocawear spent approximately half of the $1 million on shipment. iSource is seeking remaining balance owed to them, as well as 9 percent interest.

The bill was meant to be paid in 2012.

Rocawear reps did not reply to the Post’s request to comment be the release and publication of the article.

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