Jay-Z Wants To Make Time For ‘Real As It Gets’ Video With Young Jeezy


Young Jeezy and Young Hov have not yet filmed a video for “Real as It Gets.” Earlier this month, Jeezy told us he and Jay-Z would be filming a decadent clip for the record.


 “We just gonna go dumb,” Jeezy forecasted. “Call Rick [Ross] up, everybody. [We’ll have] cars, watches, blunts, money, just go dumb. Dumm-meeee! That’s what we need to do.”

We spoke to Jay-Z earlier this week, and Jigga said the clip is still in the cards; they just have to figure out scheduling.

“We’re trying to do that now as well,” Jay said of the video. “Hopefully, we’ll shoot that. But it’s difficult. I don’t have too many gaps in my schedule. So I’ll try to figure it out. I really wanna do it in Atlanta.”

Jay is currently on a tour of mostly colleges, and the rap legend said he’s already planning a tour for early 2010 that Jeezy might be going on as well.

“Yeah, that’s a possibility,” Hov said. “Young Jizzle — I got a great relationship with him. I think he’s one of those guys that’s gonna be here for a minute. People are interested in what he has to say. It’s not about a song, although he makes great songs. It’s more about what he has to say or what he has to offer: music that is sustainable, which is great and will be around forever.”

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