Jay-Z To Join List Of World Billionaires By 2015


Forbes states Jay-Z will join the list of billionaires by 2015. The famous rapper and record producer has the right credentials to make up on the list, taking into account his current and planned revenue in the coming years.

Regardless of the time taking to achieve the target, he may already be satisfied with his financial position. The American artist will in fact crown a dream that he grew from boy: becoming rich. When he was young and lived in Brooklyn he thought the only way to succeed was through basketball, not believing that he could have used other ways.

The future of him been a hip-hop star was no where near his imagination, but the music that he loves so much, gave unexpected results, especially considering that the genre [Hip Hop] didn’t have a great appeal like it is today when he started his career.

But the commitment, dedication and some happy circumstances allowed him to do it. Anyway basketball is still in his heart…and according to the Daily News he has teamed up with Charitybuzz.com (a charity auction site) to offer fans an incredible opportunity to join him court side at an upcoming Knicks game at the Madison Square Garden, New York!

Two tickets will go to the highest bidders on the site, but unfortunately you must be rich to win…. The auction will run up until the end of March.

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