Jay-Z To Collab With Sade For An Official Remix


Jay-Z scores a collaboration with Sade. It ‘s rare that Sade collaborates with other artists, but for Jay-Z she made an exception. The rapper, took part in the remix version of “Moon & The Sky”, taken from Sade’s “Soldier of Love” album, which is out now.

The remix with Jay-Z, will be in the forthcoming box set of the singer, titled “Ultimate Collection”. Last year, Sade confirmed that she had no urgent need to collaborate with other artists:

“I’ve never done anything like this, because I always avoided working out of my safe zone, safe zone in which I can be exactly who I am and I can be free to win or fail. I like to work my way. I do not feel comfortable to be in a situation where you expect something from me in a context that I don’t feel”, she told the National Post of Canada.

After the success of “Soldier of Love”, the first album of Sade after ten years, the singer then made an exception for one of the twenty-eight songs of the special release of “Ultimate Collection” double CD expected to be released on May 3.

Good looking Jay!

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