Jay-Z Shuts Down His NYC 40/40 Sports Club


The rapper has decided to close his 40/40 sports club in Manhattan for the summer to give the venue an extreme re-make.

Doors closed on 1 June and will re-launch in September with a new look from interior designer Jeffrey Beers.

Jay-Z has hired interior designer Jeffrey Beers to give the room a whole new look in time for the planned reopening in September.

In an open letter to customers published by the New York Daily News, says:

“From June 1, the 40/40 Club closed for a period of total renovation that will take inspiration from the energy and size of the nightlife of New York City . We will reopen the doors in September, renewing the success of a nightclub that has revolutionized the concept of Sportsbar. We appreciate your patience and continued interest in our brand that continues to expand. We’ll be back soon stronger than before”.

The 40/40 club in Manhattan, opened its first doors in 2002 and have been joined with branches in Atlantic City and Chicago.

Jay-Z was recently mentioned in a new survey from the Department of Police in Washington DC on bodyguards to celebrities. He does not feel even the least part in question, having paid off handsomely for the services rendered by the police for his security, by sending a check to the department over a thousand dollars

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