Is Lil’ Wayne And Trina Really Back Together??

Lil Wayne

When Trina defended Wayne against that lyrical jab from 50 Cent, she might have reignited the flames of passion with Lil’ Wayne. YES. Lil WayneThe word out of Miami is that the the pair kissed openly at Miami Live. Apparently, Wayne was on the mic with Santos Bigg D and the band.

Well, he was performing his song “Prostitute,” which originates from the Musiq song “You and Me” that says, “I wouldn\’t care if you were a prostitute / I wouldn\’t care if you were a prostitutTrinae And that you hit every man that you ever knew …As long as you keep it real.”
Anyway, when Wayne starts the second verse, he directs his attention to Trina, who is in the wings. He placed a blue, silk handkerchief on his mic. (That is not a metaphor for something else.)

She then starts performing her song “Here We Go,” but she was so into Wayne that she forgot the lyrics. She stops rapping, they stare at each other for about 30 seconds and then start kissing each other like they were in the Motel 6! This lasts for about FIVE MINUTES.

They are allegedly hugging and kissing and both are crying! They were saying things like “I miss you” and “I love you!” The crowd was supportive of this and they were crying too and poppin’ bottles of champagne! Both Trina and Wayne just left after all that.

The moral of the story is “Keep people out of your business and your relationship.” I wonder if this is trying to tell us something?

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