HipHop Lead & Mic Check Mixtapes – Mic Check Vol. 10


As and Glishy’s mixtape series “Unsigned On The Grind” goes on, we just extended our wings to present another mixtape which has been going on for a while now, “Mic Check Mixtapes“, with 9 volumes already out and we have hands on the 10th volume, in association with Tha Advocate, Underground, Doitall and The Phenom Cartel.
Below are some personal quotes from the associates.


Doitall- “Mic checks have been done many different ways by emcees, but has gotten lost thru the years by rappers who have forgotten or have not learned the true ways of the HipHop culture! It’s time to take it back to the days of the Emcee!! Mic Check one two- one two!!”


Tha Advocate- “A few years ago I alligned myself with Underground. He had started the Mic Check Mixtape series. I helped with Volume 6 through 9.5. I reached out and had hosts from Sly Boogy, Domination, Stat Quo and Killah Priest work on these volumes with us. It was good experience and together we made Mic Check Mixtapes a popular brand. After taking a few years off and letting the dust settle, it’s a blessing to re-connect with Underground for Mic Check Volume 10. Remember before I started Digital Dynasty it was all Mic Check Mixtapes. It’s like going back for a class reunion and seeing old friends again.
Now I got my Homies The Phenom Cartel and the Legendary Doitall from Lords Of The Underground. Also having as the presenter is something real big!!”


Underground (Mic Check Mixtapes founder)– Mic Check Mixtapes keeps the true essence of hip hop alive and strong!!!
We provide a vein that cannot be served, with numerous approaches and hosts linking the world of music back to it’s finest.



Dont hesitate to Contact us if any help needed.

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