Hip Hop Hot Couples: Jay-Z & Beyonce, 50 Cent & Ciara And More Smoking-Hot Couples, In MTV News Year-End Top 10s..

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

“Like most of the media world, we here at MTV News obsess and argue relentlessly over our year-end top 10s. This year, we thought we’d share them! Our staff top 10s will be rolling out all this week, along with several less conventional lists we’ve come up with, like hot messes, arrests, hip-hop phrases and much more.”

HHL’s has picked out what we think are the hottest couples out, see below.

1. Jay-Z and Beyonce
Beyoce and Jay-ZThree words: Money, power, respect.

This couple, the quintessential prom king and queen, are the hottest thing out, and have been for the last few years.

4. 50 Cent and Ciara
Ciara and 50 CentA.k.a. the bangin’-bodies couple!

Their romance is just a rumor, but who cares? They should just hook up for the heck of it!

10. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel and Justin TimberlakeI’m not sure if they have officially put their bizness out there, but I do love seeing these two together.

She’s got a smoking-hot body, and Justin “oh Justin” (pardon me).

Other Hip Hop Honorable Mentions

Nas and Kelis: I dig these two. Her style and his rhymes: great match.

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