Gucci Mane: Back From Jail And Already On A New Mixtape “So Icey Boys”..

Gucci Mane

They say what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, and these days, Gucci Mane looks like he’s on steroids. The Atlanta rapper put in time behind bars for a parole Gucci Maneviolation stemming from an assault case he caught after a run-in with a club promoter. And he also faced a murder rap after a shooting that he claimed was in self-defense. Now, finally free of all his troubles, Gucci is a wanted man for different reasons he recently inked a deal with Atlantic/Asylum, and Jimmy Henchman‘s Czar Entertainment is partnering with him to launch his So Icey Records.

“We run the company together, me and my management,” Gucci said. “But Czar, they coming with a partnership on my production side, they helping me get big, big features on my album and placements, man. I appreciate them for that; they ain’t have to do it like that, but they did. I reached out to them and they reached back.”

One feature they didn’t need to help out with is Gucci’s single, the remix of “Freaky Girl.” Ludacris heard the original record and asked to be down on the new version. The two recently shot a video over the weekend for the track, which is set to be the lead single to Gucci’s Back to the Trap House. The album is due in about two months, according to Gucci, and thanks to Luda, the scheduled official single, “Bird Flu,” will now follow up “Freaky Girl.”

But wrapping up the album seems to be the only issue Gucci has to deal with these days. He said things have cooled down between him and Young Jeezy that beef is old news now.

“I wouldn’t even know how to describe that,” he said. “I don’t even see that guy here. We don’t ever bump into each other. Tension would be like if it was stored, something won’t go on … there’ll be no incident between me and him.”

In the meantime, Gucci is putting together the So Icey Boys, a group featuring himself, OJ, Courtney Money and DG Yola. The project should get some legs after Trap House.

“We just gonna go as hard as we can,” Gucci said. “We’re like the four horsemen.”

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