Game & Kevin Durant Settle $20,000 Bet

The Game 4

Earlier this week, Game called NBA superstar and the current league MVP Kevin Durant a ” sore loser” on Instagram for not fulfilling a wager of $20,000 that would have been donated to Game’s Frogg All-Stars youth program. . On Durants end, he said that Game was lying about the wager Now it appears that Game is saying the whole situation comes down to “miscommunication”.

Game told TMZ Sports that he and KD have addressed the issue and  that the  confusion  came from reports it was cash wager and not a shoe donation.

“He was just talking about we didn’t bet $20,000 cash. I never said we bet $20,000 cash. I just did the numbers. A hundred or more kids, the shoes cost a $150 plus the gear – you do the math it ends up at about $20K,” explained Game. “He’s a professional athlete, so I guess the rules are they’re not to gamble on basketball which is very understandable.”

Game also added that Durant has agreed to donate the sneaks to the Frogg All-Stars AAU basketball program.

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