Game Being Sued by 40 Glocc After Beating


40 Glocc is suing Game for unspecified damages after their physical altercation a few months ago. 40 is claiming he suffered major injuries to his eye, rib, kidney, shoulder and back, as well as a bruised ego and tarnished reputation after the fight’s video went viral online.

The incident happened back in July in Hollywood, with conflicting stories saying it was Game and his entourage that jumped 40 Glocc as opposed to a one-on-one fight, and 40 Glocc being chased down with a gun.

Game confirmed the legal action being taken against him, taking to Twitter on Saturday to rant about the situation:

“Police came to my crib & tried to serve me papers for @40glocc sueing me….. Sorry, I’m playing XBOX.. Try again later. #ThisN*ggaAH*eCake”

@40glocc SUPER-THUG turned INFORMANT !!!!!!”

@40glocc & his girlfriend at the senior prom…. Always had b*tch in you.. It was only a matter of time befo”

Footage of the fight can be seen here.

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