French Montana Unconcerned About Album Sales

French Montana 3

French Montana stopped by Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Power 99 recently to his album, rap about Excuse My French, and his child, who is on the cover. In the interview, Montana said that his “Ain’t Worried About Nothin” mantra is the real deal, even when it comes to record sales.

“Nah, not really,” he said, when asked if he is worried about how his album sells. “Nah, I don’t make money off CDs. I do shows. I do other things. So that don’t bother me…It don’t concern me because I’ll keep working hard regardless. The only thing I was concerned about was having the right music. That’s what’s gon’ live on forever.”

Excuse My French’s album cover displays photographs of his son. When asked about his son, Montana shared that he doesn’t get to spend a lot time with him but stated that he has plans to do so after he promotes this new release.

“Not really,” he said, regarding the time he gets to spend with his son. “But I’ma get to it soon as I’m done with this promo…We just went to Disney World. We just got back from Disney World. He loved it out there. We just chill and kick it. That’s my little dog.”

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