French Montana Says Releasing The Nicki Minaj-Featured “Freaks” Was A Mistake

French Montana 7 (2)

French Montana says that releasing the Nicki Minaj-featured single “Freaks” was a bad decision.

“When you go to the club and every record they’re playing is yours, you try to go left, and I made that mistake,” French Montana says of his 2013 single during an interview with Billboard. “Jay Z told me he once made that same mistake too. Your first album you never know what’s going on with the business and labels. The second one you’re like, ‘Fuck this.’ You get the ball in your own court.”

Montana says that on his upcoming album Mac & Cheese, he won’t be making the same mistake.

Gaby Acevedo, Montana’s manager, says that Montana will be responsible for make all the decision for the album, which is being executive produced by Kanye West and Harry Fraud.

“We’re team players, but he’s got creative control,” Acevedo says. “He builds the album on his own, at his house. We don’t have an A&R. He’s his own A&R.”


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