Free Black Eyed Peas Concert In New York Next Month


The Black Eyed Peas will be performing free for the city of New York. The concert is titled, “NYC Concert 4″ and it will take place at Central Park on Thursday, June 9th 2011.

The initiative was organized to benefit the Robin Hood Foundation, a charity aimed at helping the poor of the “Big Apple “.

Although the concert is open to everyone and absolutely free, tickets are still required to enter. On May 11, 50,000 tickets will be available through an online giveaway. If you’d like to try to get one of these tickets you have to register at Tickets will be limited to make sure everyone who attends will be safe at the event.

The partnership between Robin Hood and BEP includes the sponsorship of three Peapod Academies. The school is an arts center for teenagers started their own by the Black Eyed Peas. “Our passion for music and multimedia, has been fueled over the years by generous people who have allowed us to pursue the path of success. Operations of this kind allow us to repay, so you can offer to young people the tools to follow their dreams”, said Will.I.Am.

Students will be admitted to school based on recommendations of teachers, all working in establishments frequented by young people from families with low and very low income.

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