Fake Nicki Minaj Concert In Michigan By Fake Promoters


Nicki Minaj‘s fans had lined up to buy tickets and ready to see her live at the Michigan State University, but Nicki Minaj knew nothing about it.

She got to know that when the news broke out and she was sent a picture on Twitter of her fans lined up for a concert of hers, which was never scheduled.

Nicki Minaj confirmed on Twitter she knew nothing about it and felt sorry for her fans who scammed:

“What is this I’m hearing about a MSU concert? Where and when is this concert supposed to be? I feel so bad 4 ppl (for people) who were scammed. For the record. I’m not doing any shows between now and the 22nd of October. Wen shows r confirmed I’ll let u guys know. I’m sorry.”

“Wen I find out the person responsible for this MSU scam I’m putting their name on Twitter. Scamming college kids? Go to hell! Our legal teams are working. There are way more schools that were scammed. We are working to put an end to this. Thank you.”

Nicki Minaj’s fans were obviously not happy with that and infact, one of her fans tweeted:

“My whole school slept outside for Nicki Minaj tix & she tweetin it’s a scam,”


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