Fabolous: Makes A Band “Fab Five” For Live Stage Performance..

Fabolous: Makes A Band “Fab Five” For Live Stage Performance..

FabolousFabolous has a band. Before he left last week for a college tour with One Republic, Loso told us it was time for his stage performance to evolve.

“I thought it was something that needed to be done,” he explained at SIR studios in Manhattan. (Coincidently, Missy Elliott was in the room across the hall, rehearsing for her upcoming tour with Busta Rhymes.) “I got a taste of being backed by a band when I did this show called ‘Stripped.’

I got a little bit of feel of it. I thought it was a dope thing to do. I even seen it previously on ‘MTV’s Unplugged.’ With certain artists coming up and doing their joints with a band behind them, I always wanted to do it, but I was waiting for the right experience. This tour came up. It’s a college tour, and it’s with another band, a pop act. They definitely will be using a band, so I thought it was a good time to bring it out.”

F.A.B.O. joked that when choosing the members of his group, the Fab Five, he looked for more than just talent with instruments.

“I made them walk to Junior’s for cheesecake,” he smiled, referring to Diddy’s notorious “Making the Band” mission. “They came back with cheesecake, and I said, ‘OK, you can make the band.’ ”

When it comes to bands that he listens to just for enjoyment, the Brooklyn native’s choices vary. You didn’t think he just pumped Red Cafe and Joe Budden all day did you?

The Rolling Stones, of course the Stones,” he listed. “The Eagles, Maroon 5. I even like the one we going out with, One Republic. Although they’re fairly new, I like the few joints I heard. I like Evanescence.

Fab’s Five consist of Finesse on strings, Miles on keyboard, DJ 45, Rain Man on drums and T. Nasty on guitar. Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Diddy and whoever else has started doing shows with live instrumentation, watch your back. Fab wants to battle.

“Who want it?” he laughed. “Who want it with me?”

Source: MTV

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