Exclusive: T.I.’s Grand Hustle Partner Discusses Explosives Scare


 ‘We’re trying to stay focused on the business,’ Jason Geter says of possible Molotov cocktails thrown at the label’s Atlanta offices.

Police are investigating two bottles filled with an unknown liquid suspected of being Molotov cocktails that were tossed at the offices of Grand Hustle Records in Atlanta.

Jason Geter, who runs the label with T.I., told MTV News exclusively that an alarm went off between 2:30 and 3 a.m. Thursday (November 19) at the office. The Grand Hustle staff discovered that one of the office windows had been cracked after someone had tossed a “40-ounce bottle” at it.

Police have not named any suspects, but Geter and company have their own ideas of who the culprit could be. An aspiring artist came knocking at their door earlier this week.

“A kid came over there a couple of days ago that acted kind of crazy,” Geter explained. “I wasn’t there, but some kid that was a little off was pretty much asking for somebody to come to his party. He got a little irate when he was in the office. We’re kind of assuming it was him. He made a couple of threats when he was in the office. Two days later, this happens. You can’t help but say, ‘It must have been this idiot.’ ”

The incident has not stopped Geter or his staff from working. Business went on as usual (with the exception of news trucks and reporters), and no one seems to fear for their safety.

“It wasn’t that big of a deal to us,” Geter said. “But, of course, 50 million people were calling us, which is all good, because they’re concerned. But at the same time, we’re trying to work and stay focused on the business.”

Geter’s focus is the launch of Young Dro’s new LP, P.O.L.O. (Players Only Live Once). His album will be the start of Hustle’s grand attack in 2010.

“It’s gonna be Dro, 8Ball and MJG, Drama is putting his thing together, B.O.B. is coming out,” Geter said. “From January to springtime, those acts will be dropping.”

Of course, T.I. is always aware of what’s going on. Geter said his longtime friend and business partner is doing well while serving his year-and-a-day prison sentence. “He’s good. He’s taking it day by day and ready to get back at it. I think he’s really focused on doing his time, more so than anything,” Geter said when asked if Tip has been writing.

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