Eminem Verifies Various Collaborations With 50 Cent On “Street King Immortal”

Eminem em

If you’re a 50 Cent and Eminem fan and couldn’t get enough of the two spitting rhymes on “My Life”, good news. In an interview with MTV, the Detroit rapper said that “Street King Immortal” will have more than one track of the two rappers rapping together.

Em went on to compliment Fiddy’s story telling skills as an MC, saying this is what he wanted as the focus of the new album.

“We actually got a couple of songs on this album too. We have another song off of this album,” Eminem revealed.

He continued:

“When he tells stories about his life and when he brings you into that world, you really feel like you’re a part of that world. He can paint a picture with his words when he’s telling a story that hooks you in and that was one of things that I was really tryna drive home is that point to him when he was making this album.”

Check out the full interview over at MTV.

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