Eminem Sues “Audi” For Copying His “Chrysler” Commercial


An advertisement of Audi seems to “trace” Chrysler’s commercial with rap star Eminem, not only does the Audi commercial, compared to that of Chrysler has [almost] the same concept, but also with the same music, which is a [slightly] modified version of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” single.

Eight Mile Style, company of the Detroit rapper, has filed a complaint against Audi that uses, in its view, an unauthorized interpretation of “Lose Yourself”.

Chrysler’s Italian-American spokesman, Gualberto Ranieri said [ironically]: “Some people consider the word copyright as copy others materials”. “It ‘s impressive: what is extraordinary – said the manager of Eight Mile Style, Joel Martin, with the Detroit Free Press – is the similarity with the song used for Chrysler. When we saw it we thought it was a joke”.

And the network has taken the race of the similarities between the two videos.

Here are the two commercials, look and judge for yourself.

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