Eminem Said To Be Too Controversial To Perform At Hyde Park

Eminem em

Eminem is set to perform in London’s Wembley Stadium, but the Detroit rapper will not perform at Hyde Park in England. Sources  give the reason why Em will not be dropping in and performing at Hyde Park.

“Eminem is a controversial artist, whose lyrics have been accused of being homophobic, provocative and pretty sweary,” the source said. “So there has been some debate about whether The Royal Parks will rubber-stamp any agreement to play there.”

“He’s a huge name, and would be a great draw for fans, but it may not be the right image for the parks if he’s effing and blinding on stage,” the source added.

Eminem performance will take place at London’s Wembley Stadium, and  reportedly he will  be the first rapper to  headline the venue. All is set to take place July 11.

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