Eminem In A New Movie “Random Acts Of Violence”


Eminem is to star in a new movie called, “Random Acts of Violence“, he will play an ex-con fresh out of prison.

Nine years after his debut with 8 Mile, Eminem is preparing his return to the cinema as the star of Fox’s thriller titled Random Acts of Violence, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The project is in the works for over four years and the script went through many drafts.

The movie is a crime thriller:

“An ex-con (which is Eminem) smarter than his past is fresh out of prison and trying to stay legit – but his efforts are complicated by his old gang who wants him back on the job. So, too, does the FBI, which hopes he’ll wear a wire and bring down the crime syndicate. The ex-con, meanwhile, tries to play both sides against each other long enough to exact revenge against those – on both sides of the law – who sent him to prison in the first place.”

Random Acts Of Violence would mark Eminem’s first return to the big screen since his starring role in 2002’s 8 Mile.

The movie will be ready to shoot later in 2011.

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