Eminem & Detroit’s Rap Roots “The Hip Hop Shop” Set To Reopen


Detroit is known for many things but in the rap world, the Motor City is known for producing the likes of Eminem, D-12 and other Detroit rappers. Also, known is the iconic Hip Hop Shop where many Detroit rappers especially the ones named  above started putting in  work.

The Hip Hop Shop opened it’s doors in 1993 on Detroit’s 7th Mile  and hosted Saturday open mic rap battles until its closing in 1998.

The owners, Jerome Mongo and Maurice Malone  are now aspiring to take the shop to new heights.

“It will be a whole different vibe,” said Mongo. “It’s going to be totally different clothing. The scene isn’t going to be recreated. It’s going to be totally different – totally different.”

A spot for the new Hip Hop Shop is not clear at the moment, but the areas of Cass Corridor or Eastern Market are being considered.

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