Drake “Thank Me Later” Receives U.S. Platinum Plaque


Drake goes US Platinum and receives a U.S. Platinum Plaque…

At the Constitutional Hall on the D.C. during Drake’s “Light, Dreams & Nightmares” tour, he and his manager Cortez Bryant received a pair of platinum plaques for Thank Me Later, which has now gone platinum only in the United States, meaning [the album sold over 1 million copies only in US].

Meanwhile, in June, Drake went Platinum Canada, meaning [the album sold over 100k copies only in Canada].

This is probably a pretty good news and feelings for Drizzy.. for a Debut album??? Fuck outta here Drizzy.. you the Ish…. You made it Buoy!!! Thumbs Up!!!

Screenshot of Drake and his manager Cortez Bryant with the Platinum Plaque below.

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