Drake Shares Why No Rapper Has Been Signed To Ovo Sound


In XXL Magazine, Young Money’s Drake gave fans an update on the status of his OVO Sound record label and why he hasn’t, of yet, added any hip hop act to the team.

According to Drake, he is very picky about the hip hop artists, especially when it comes to  lyrics.

“I just sit at home every night and think about how I’m going to be the best rapper, so I don’t think I’m ready to sign another rapper yet. At the end of the day, I would never ignore anyone with talent. I’m not selfish. I would love to see another rapper thrive. It’s just that bars, at this stage in my life, are a funny thing to me. I have to hear something extremely unique and exciting to really be into it. We’re just assembling a label of great music. I don’t think people understand how talented  Party [Next Door] is or these guys 40 signed. I’m very confident in the label we have right now. We only have two acts, but it’s very strong.” (XXL Mag)
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