Drake & Noah Discuss Tracks From “Nothing Was The Same”

Drake 2

Drake and long-time production partner and friend Noah “40? Shebib spoke with Rolling Stone magazine about the Young Money rapper’s next album Nothing Was The Same.

“It’s a huge change in tone. Before, Drake was a nice guy. Here, he’s stepping up the attitude and playing hardball,” said 40.

Drake isn’t shy about how he feels the level of his rap skills are on the album. He leaves the impression that his rap skills on NWTS will be top notch. According to Drake the song “Paris Morton Music II” is a track that had one of his rap peers  lost for words.

“That track excites me from a rap standpoint, just getting off bars and different flows,” said Drake. “I played it for J. Cole, on some rap buddy-buddy sh*t, and he was like, ‘Damn!”

The singles Drake has already released are “Started From The Bottom” and “Hold On, We’re Going Home“.  Jay Z and Lil Wayne have also been announced to be on the album as well.

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