Dr. Dre Takes Over Chrystler’s New Sound System


Dr. Dre has worked with the engineers at Chrysler’s audio system for the new 300 Sedan.

The carmaker based in Detroit, has teamed up with veteran rapper and producer for the launch of the new car, not only through the campaign, but also applying the technology “Beats By Dre” in the cockpit of the Chrysler 300 Sedan edition in 2012.

Working closely with the design team of the American brand, Dre wanted his sound system with ten speakers in the new car.

“Our partnership with the Chrysler group will determine an innovative standard on how you should listen to the music in the car. “Beats by Dr. Dre” has always had the mission to create a connection between artist and listener, and with this new car and in the model 300S, will enable drivers to listen to music as the artists would, replicating faithfully the sound they worked so hard to get”, said Jimmy Iovine of Interscope and Dr. Dre’s partner in this adventure.

The first models of the 300 and 300S with Beats By Dre technology will reach U.S. showrooms in the autumn of this year.

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