Dr. Dre Speaks On Nicki Minaj’s Beef With Hot 97’s Summer Jam

dr dre5

Dr. Dre weighs in on Nicki Minaj cancelling her performance at the 2012 Summer Jam, due to Peter Rosenberg’s “offensive” comment.

Dre states:

“First of all, Nicki Minaj was the only one who ruined 55,000 fans’ expectations of the night. It has nothing to do with Rosenberg. You go out there and you perform for your fans.”

Looks like Dre didn’t want to be on any of the parties side, so he also had something to say in regards to Peter Rosenberg:

“We have too many what I call ‘semi-super experts’ who always try to redefine hip hop from its infancy. She’s an artist whether I like her or I don’t like her. My daughter loves her and thinks that she’s the world, and that’s the case.”

So both parties were at fault in Dre’s opinion, though i think Peter’s comment Dre gave is more of a “Shut the fuck up Peter”. Other celebs have weighed in as well, including Nas and Kendrick Lamar who also stated the following:

“Man, I was backstage I didn’t even know that, that was going on onstage. I would be hot, she got all the right reasons to be [upset] and do all that she did. I’d still perform though.”

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