Does 50 Cent Belong On The Hottest MCs In The Game List?


Thousands have participated in our poll, telling us their choices for hottest MC, with a few hundred leaving comments, justifying different picks and predicting who the MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust will place on their list. One of the top vote-getters was 50 Cent. The G-Unit General doesn’t flood the guest appearances and he hasn’t put out a solo LP since 2007’s Curtis, but Fif has been very active on the mixtape circuit. This summer alone he’s put out the War Angel LP and Forever King — but will that be enough to earn a place on the list? You’ll find out shortly. Fif himself told Mixtape Daily that he wouldn’t mind getting some accolades — but he doesn’t expect them.



“I made a mistake,” Fif said recently in New York City. “Early on [in my career], I said, ‘They’ll get the trophy, I’ll get the checks.’ That’s because I wasn’t receiving the acknowledgement based on the aggressive content I was putting out. I’ve been nominated for 16 Grammy awards and still ain’t got no trophies. Largest debut in hip-hop to date — they just ignored it when it was time to give the trophies out. So I just started saying, ‘They can have the trophies and I’ll have the checks.’ That didn’t mean that I didn’t have love for the actual art form. But to give a basic answer that people would understand, I would be secure with my life, I’ll continue make music, but I won’t be in front of them and get recognized. I’ll get a lifetime-achievement award after based on my full body of work. At that point, it’ll be too much for them to ignore.”

The debate over who is the hottest MC of 2009 is on! Cast your vote now — series begins August 17, with the top MC being revealed on the August 24 episode of “Making His Band” at 10:00 p.m. ET!

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