DMX: Says He Never Considered Staying With Sony Music..


DMX said that despite there being a whole new regime at Sony Music since he signed DMXhis deal in 2006 and released Year of the Dog, again to unsatisfactory results, he never considered staying with the company to see what Sony CEO Rick Rubin and his crew could do for him.

“Nah,” said X, who recently inked a record deal with the independent Bodog Music. “You don’t make the same mistake twice. I already made the mistake with Def Jam thinking they had good people in the office. The sh– was supposed to be different. Not! God bless whoever’s over there, but I’m good where I’m at. Bodog, it already has ‘dog’ in the name. What more can I ask for?”

X also told Mixtape Monday that he’s owed a doghouse full of money from Sony but has decided to move on. “Man, I don’t really give a f—,” he sneered. “It was a blessing for me because it was a lesson for me. Feel me? But I peeped what n—as was trying to do, so I stepped a little more carefully around these mutha—-as, because I know what their intentions are even though their words say something else.

“I came at Sony with 30 songs already done,” he added, going back to 2006. “They said, ‘Give us five new songs.’ I said, ‘All right, f— it.’ I hit ’em with fire. I said, ‘I’ll give them more fire.’ The building heard the new songs, we were all amped about it. We decided on the single ‘We in There.’ They halfway sent the song out there. I asked my man what happened, he said, ‘The song didn’t leave the building right.’ What the f— does that mean? That’s suspect!”

As MTV News reported last week, X’s next project will actually be two albums dropping on the same day. Collectively, it’s called Walk With Me Now, Fly With Me Later. The Walk With Me portion will be a traditional Dark Man X opus, while Fly With Me will be his first-ever gospel record. The Dog is also looking forward to filming the sequel to “Belly” whenever they can get it together.

“I’m waiting for my man Nas to come up with a script for part two,” he said. “But it’s whatever, man.”

Source: MTV

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