Diddy: Will Not Be Facing Charges In Assault Case With Steven Acevedo..


DiddyThe Manhattan district attorney has decided not to charge either SeanDiddyCombs or Steven Acevedo in an incident that took place in a New York nightclub on October 13, Combs’ attorney announced Tuesday (November 6). Combs was alleged to have assaulted Acevedo in the incident.

Combs’ attorney, Benjamin Brafman, said in a statement: “I’ve been informed by the Manhattan district attorney’s office that after a thorough investigation, they have made a decision not to authorize any arrests in connection with the incident involving Mr. Combs and Steven Acevedo on October 13. I want to commend the DA’s office and the New York City Police Department for conducting a thorough and very fair investigation into this incident and not allowing this private disagreement between two acquaintances to turn into a criminal charge.”

Reached for comment, Acevedo’s attorney, Mark Jay Heller, read a statement to MTV News: “Steven Acevedo was definitely violated without legal provication in the presence of witnesses. Had he chosen to vigorously pursue his right, he surely would have prevailed in a court of law. He decided to take the high road and, without any consideration or quid pro quo, he elected not to pursue his legal remedies, which might have entailed a criminal prosecution with potential incarceration for the perpetrator and civil litigation with monetary damages. Acevedo believes in good karma and that bread cast on waters returns doublefold.”

Acevedo had declined to answer MTV News’ questions on his way to an unrelated court appearance last month.

According to a representative for the New York Police Department, an incident took place early on the morning of October 13 inside Kiosk, a store located in New York’s SoHo neighborhood. An eyewitness to the incident told MTV News that Combs and Acevedo exchanged heated words before the rapper struck Acevedo with two consecutive, rapid punches. Days later, a publicist for Combs dismissed reports that the club clash involved a woman and claimed the two men have known each other for more than a decade. That same day, Brafman refuted reports that Diddy would be turning himself over to the police and subsequently charged with misdemeanor assault.

Source: MTV

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