Diddy Reacts To The Forbes Top 5 Richest Hip Hop Artists List


A few days ago we saw Diddy on the top spot in the new Forbes Top 5 Wealthiest Rap Artist list, with a fortune of $475 million.

But when MTV asked him about that he specified:

“To be honest, on that list, I was on the cover of Forbes back in ’98,” Diddy explained in an interview. “I been on that list. I don’t really get caught up into the list. I think people think that I have that money actually sitting at home in the basement…It’s really like if I sold all my companies, and I take pride in [building] something as a black man that’s worth that much…To everyone calling me for a loan today, I do not have that money today! … It helps inspire people and it shows the power of hip-hop.”

Okay Diddy, it is clear now! Anyway we all dream of having you on our birthday as long as you hand out $1 million in cash to thrilled guests…lol..

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