Diddy Puts In Bid To Purchase Fuse TV Channel

Diddy 7

Looks like Sean “Diddy” Combs wants to take over the media world.Bloomberg reports the Hip Hop mogul has his eyes on broadening his media empire to include the music cable channel Fuse.

According to sources, Diddy put in a bid of $200 million to acquire Fuse and change it to Revolt TV. He is not alone in the bidding. There are several other bidders trying to purchase Fuse as well.

Currently, Revolt is available to 22.8 million households through Comcast and Time Warner. Fuse, currently owned by the Madison Square Garden Company, reaches 74 million households.

The Dolan ,who started MSG Co. and run the corporation, are supposedly asking for $400 million for Fuse.

“We are exploring strategic alternatives for Fuse, and will have no further comment during what is still an ongoing process,” MSG spokeswoman Kimberly Kerns told Bloomberg.

If Diddy ends up acquiring Fuse, the bolstered Revolt TV will join his other business ventures including Bad Boy Entertainment and Cîroc vodka.

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