Diddy Clarifies What He’s Worth Versus Money In His Bank

Diddy 7

During a conversation with Forbes, Diddy  expressed that the role and impact  in the lives of others is what defines how successful he is not his money . Diddy’s interview with Forbes also follows a  donation he made of $250,000 to the Young Entrepreneur Network, an organization he feels he can “see the actual results of.”

“The way I define my success is how many people I’m able to affect their lives in a positive way…And from a kid coming from Harlem, if I can do it then hopefully that’ll inspire somebody else to do it,” said Diddy. “And another thing about being #1 on the list is that I openly accept the responsibility that comes with that. That economic power gives me the opportunity to give back. And so, because I was able to work hard and to earn that money, I’m able to take care of my family. I got six kids and that’s kind of expensive. And I was able to give away a quarter of a million dollars to an organization that I see the actual results of it building our future leaders, CEOs, and business owners.”

Diddy who is said to be worth $580 million took  time to clear up his fiances with Forbes explaining that the money he’s worth differs from what’s in his bank. The Forbes list regular gave this clarification after being asked if he sees himself becoming Hip Hop’s first billionaire.

“I don’t know,” said Diddy, after being asked about securing the title of Hip Hop’s first billionaire. “I really can’t deny how humbling and how proud I am to be from Harlem, New York. Be from the inner-city and to be on the Forbes list. You know, I can’t deny that. But it doesn’t define me. If I become a billionaire or whatever the status is of what I’m worth. First of all, I do want to say to the Forbes cameras, I actually don’t—I want to tell you the truth. I don’t have that money in the bank. They’re saying that’s how much I’m worth. So, I don’t have that money in the bank. I want to make sure y’all are clear on that.”

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