Death Row Canada?

Deathrow Records
DeathRow Records

The remaining Death Row records assets have officially been auctioned off for $18 million and it appears to have been bought by a Candian based company.

According to Blender, Wide Awake Holdings placed the winning bid for the lot which included various Death Row recordings.  What does this mean for the founders of Death Row?  It means they are left with nothing but memories.  Lydia Harris who founded the label with Suge Knight is about to go on a rampage:

“I’m extremely frustrated with the judicial system that has allowed all of the lawyers to be paid and none of the people who were instrumental in creating Death Row Records to receive a dime,” Harris tells Blender.

The once prized label that included the top trio in the game 2Pac, Snoop and Dre will be history. Unless of course Death Row Records Canada decides to open up shop.

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