Da Critic Unleashes The “Anytime Remix”


San Francisco, CA– As many record labels lay off employees and fans continue to find themselves disappointed by the unoriginal music being released, one West Coast based artist has emerged with the new single “Anytime remix.” This song, which was created by San Francisco, based artist Da Critic and features R n B crooner Rye, Remixed by “Mr. Chetta” was recently leaked by an unknown source.

Da Critic’s label Kamikaze Records was planning to release the original this summer, aiming for August. The song blends Da Critic’s heartfelt lyrics with Rye’s seductive singing and the result is a heart felt track that can be felt by both men and woman alike. The response to the song has been astounding as fans across the country are demanding it to be played on their local radio stations and by DJ’s at their local clubs.

Da Critic is a San Francisco, CA Latin MC whose style can’t be limited to any one region. He has enjoyed great regional success in the past and has built a great name for himself in the West Coast region as both an artist and entrepreneur. Between the events he organized or hosted and the musical fan base he has created, Da Critic was an obvious choice for the Independent Record label Kamikaze Records who have ties to major distributors with 13 years under their belt. Kamikaze Records is also home to artists who are currently enjoying international fame.

In support of the new single Kamikaze has already arranged for a national radio tour as well as secured Da Critic an endorsement deal with XL Energy Drink. The response from the fans and industry has been amazing as they find themselves verbally seduced by the “Anytime remix.” This response along with the endorsement and national radio tours has many in music crediting Da Critic and Kamikaze for bringing the classic music back to Hip Hop that the industry has so desperately been missing.

For more information, contact:
TruCorner Enterprises
Or Kamikaze Records

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