Chris Brown Wants To Talk To Cops About Frank Ocean Fight

chris brown7

According to TMZ, Brown swears he did not start the altercation between him and Frank Ocean. He’s ready to tell officers what took place in the recording studio parking lot.

Law enforcement sources say that Chris’ lawyer, Mark Geragos, has contacted detectives and says the singer is ready and fully willing to give a detail report of the incident, because he knows he did nothing wrong and is not at fault.

Sources also report that Geragos team has video survelliance of the ending of the brawl and Chris comes out looking clean, not throwing one punch. However, the video also shows Frank Ocean neither throwing a punch. The only people fighting were the two crews.

The video, however, is not final factor, because it only caught the end of the fight. The altercation started in the parking lot and no cameras recorded that time of action. So there is no evidence of who started it. The fight carried into the lobby, and that’s where the camera caught the brawl.

Chris’ account is very different from a witness who states Chris threw the first punch.

As for why Chris took off before cops arrived, reports say Geragos gave him very strict orders … if he ever got in a situation where trouble was developing, he MUST leave immediately.

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