Chris Brown: “Wall To Wall”, Its Sometimes Hard To Move In A Club..

Chris Brown

Sometimes it’s hard for Chris Brown to move in a club with all the love he gets. But the 18-year-old says that there are some songs that thChris Brownat no matter what’s happening, he has to fight his way through the crowd and get his groove on.

“Oh man, its crazy,” he says. “I like the Shop Boyz‘s ‘Party Like a Rockstar.’ Definitely Jim Jones, all his stuff. The new Young Jeezy records and Swizz Beatz.

The Swizz remix of ‘It’s Me Snitches‘ with Lil Wayne and R. Kelly, that’s dope.” Swizz joins a cast that includes Will.I.Am, T-Pain and the Underdogs as producers on Brown’s August 28 release, Exclusive. More on CB in our next section.

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