Chris Brown vs. Rihanna-Did Rihanna Strike First?

We may never know what went on between Rihanna and Chris Brown this weekend but as the details start to come could it be that CB provoked?   Brown had the ultimate clean boy image, he was never known to be a troublemaker and was a role model for many.  So what exactly sent him over the edge and made him strike his girlfriend? 

Some are now speculating that maybe Rihanna isn’t so innocent after all and that she may have initiated the fight.  It could be that way but regardless would it be right for CB to hit back?  Sources say that Rihanna had noticeable contusions and bite marks on her body.  The question now is will this incident ruin the careers of the games two brightest stars or will they bounce back?

Read more details on the incident.

For a little comic relief check out this video of Chris Brown sucker punching Rihanna.

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